Lyrics for A Little Of You

by Eurythmics

LYRICS FOR A Little Of You

There used to be a time
I wore my heart upon the sleeve.
There used to be a time
I’d show my gentle side to anyone
Through these years of wandering
I know I’ve been deceived.
Through these years of wandering…

And everytime you try to hurt me
You know you’ll only hurt yourself.
And everytime you try to hurt me
I know you’ll be the one to suffer
When you think you’re hurting someone.

A little of you – a little of me –
A little of you –
Is hurting someone –

Don’t tell me I’m the only one
‘Cause I don’t need that space.
Don’t ask for love
I’ll throw it back in your face.
All of these promises
Were only made to break.
All of these promises…

(Chorus repeats…)

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