Lyrics for A Little Hate by Dave Stewart and Jonathan Perkins from the album Snake Talk

LYRICS FOR A Little Hate

Let’s outmonkey the business
It’s getting so serious
Let’s make the big noise
And get as high as an asteroid
You’ve got to kick it – kick it good
You can’t forget even if you could
You’ve been marked for something
That won’t come out in the washing

There’s been something important
I’ve been dying to tell her
A little bad makes good much better
You’ve got to write it down
And put it in a letter
A little hate makes love much better

I don’t mind the mind games (yes you do)
Or reverse calls from the satelite exchange
As long as you talk to me
Until the words run out and my ears bleed
But every syllable is miserable
Every dream impossible
But don’t jump take a step at a time
For every miracle you know there’s a crime

For all the rich there’s the poor
In every wall there is a door
Even the good break the law
Little piggies grow tall
And then the piggies get small
Not only soldiers go to war
What are we fighting for
When winners get sore
If we can walk why do we crawl
When we can jump why do we fall
What you can’t see you just ignore
You want the sky you’ve got the floor
Remember what we’re here for
Let’s make love and not war

2181 - Dave Stewart And Jonathan Perkins - Snake Talk - The UK - CD - ZD74814