Seeing Dave and Annie live holds many fond memories for fans and critics alike, and has always been an experience to be treasured. Dave and Annie’s skill in re-interpreting their songs, some that they have been playing now for over 30 years ensures a different concert experience each time you see them.

Dave and Annie have toured the world extensively, both together as The Tourists and Eurythmics, and in their own right as solo artists and still do so today.

These pages cover every live concert and important appearance that Dave and Annie have made over the years. This section will grow over the coming months as we populate it with more and more information, reviews, photos, audio recordings, backstage passes, concert posters and tickets.

We also need your help! We Need Your Tickets, Posters, Backstage Passes, Setlists scans etc, and If you have any photos from a concert you attended and would be happy to share them with us please get in touch!

 We still have work to do so ou won’tfind the photo or video archives working yet as we are sifting through about 1000 photos at the moment of various concerts.

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