Set for release between July 17th and July 20th, depending on whether you want a digital download or a physical CD.


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01 Overture
02 Here Right Now
03 Unchained Melody
04 More
05 Three Little Words
06 Sam’s Murder
07 Ball Of Wax
08 I Can’t Breathe
09 Are You A Believer?
10 With You
11 Suspend My Disbeliefe / I Had A Life
12 Rain / Hold On
13 Life Turns On A Dime
14 Focus
15 Talkin’ Bout A Miracle
16 Nothing Stops Another Day
17 I’m Outta Here
18 Unchained Melody (Dance) / The Love Inside
19 With You (Duet Version)

Ghost the Musical – Cast Album by Ghost Cast Recording