Now that ghost is about to open in London, you cannot move without seeing something Ghost related.  On a trip to see Sharon D Clarke at West End Live on 18th June, I took photo’s of different ghostly sightings.

My first tip was to the theatre, which is looking spectacular, much nicer than the bright pink that was Grease before, however it is such a shame that it is surrounded by building sites!

So now to around town.  Firstly, the posters on the underground every escalator seems to have at least one poster for Ghost now, competing with all the other west end shows and at Piccadilly Station itself are these larger posters.



This is the largest poster advert i’ve seen so far at Leicester Square, and various ticket agencies also have Ghost posters everywhere.



And the most impressive advert must go to the Piccadilly Circus animation.

Here’s a gallery of stills first, and a video below.