Eurythmics International Fan Convention 2012

I am pleased to inform you of the 2012 Eurythmics International Fan Convention.  We are still waiting for final details from The Hospital club of our room location for the day, but we are ready to ask you to book your space.


We are having to charge £25 at the moment as a few people are no longer able to attend, and this means that the rate needs to be split across fewer people, however, as you all know, the evening’s entertainment will be more than worth it!  I will also be arranging for a gift from everyone to be presented to Dave Stewart, a few days later will be his 60th Birthday.


If there is a surplus, then I would hope to return £5 back to everyone.


I am going to be on holiday from Wednesday for 3 weeks, but will be emailing a few people to help with organising a few things for me, but please do email me if you have questions, but dont panic if you dont hear back from me straight away!


If you dont have access to paypal to book your ticket, please drop me an email to and I can email you my bank details to pay directly, i will then send you a code to use o nthe website that will stop you being charged when you book your ticket.

Cheers for now.