The first Flexi Disc issued by the Eurythmics Fanclub featured a message from Dave & Annie, and a live version of This Is The House. It starts with a xylophone rendition of Good King Wenceslas, and the classic Phil Spector track I’m Dreaming Of A White Xmas playing in the background while Dave has a conversation with himself. Annie then wishes everyone a Merry Xmas and some general silliness! Then we have This Is The House Live


Dave and Annie sing a little from the Phil Spector album I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas. Dave tells another of his stories about his chopper bike and a boy with springs on his feet. He ended up in hospital one Xmas, and performs a song about the event, well sort of. Fergeal Sharkey was in the studio at the same time. Annie also has a moan about people forgetting her birthday. They finish by singing Once In Royal David City and Dave apologises for the record.


Annie starts by wishing everyone a merry xmas and goes into singing a rap and finishes with Dave wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


Dave plays with his echo controls and plays some, in his own words “strange music” an instrumental he recorded 4 years before and says it may become a soundtrack one day. It actually has a feel of Jute City about it. Then Dave performs the track I Love You Like A Fool. Mick Jagger also talks at the end of the flexi, and then Dave, Annie and Mick perform Lets Work. The disc finishes with a live track from The Catch with Annie playing the flute and Peet Coombes on vocals.


The flexi starts with a rough mix of I’ve Got A Lover Back In Japan, followed by a message from Annie in Los Angeles, This Is The Voice of Annie Lennox. I’ve Got A Lover plays in the background. Annie shouts out random clips from the Savage album, Savage, Beethoven, Yeah, I Need A Man, and has a chuckle to herself. Dave then introduces himself and loads of people in the studio. He plays his acoustic guitar on I Need You and sings vocals encouraging you to buy their records, go to their concerts. Dave also talks about TVP, and that it is actually going to happen, and then plays some more acoustic guitar. The start of the Chill Mix plays, and Gully is talking to Dave in the background while they receive a phone call in the studio, all a bit manic


Michael Apted, the director of Gorillas In The Mist starts the disc of with Dave Includes a message from Dave. The flexi was recorded in a basement location, and they perform a special Gorilla Xmas song with Pat Seymour. The song is called A Christmas Gorilla but they stop half way through due to lack of interest. Annie performs on the disc by singing a snippet of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen recorded in her home. The disc fnishes with a track called Freedom by Pat Seymour, which ended up on the Rooftops soundtrack.


Includes a profound message from Annie introduced by Dave The disc then goes straight into some amazing demo versions of We Too Are One, My My Baby’s Gonna Cry, Success and finishes with Sylvia. Sylvia has really quite a different backing track and vocal to the final released version.


The disc starts with Annie’s Xmas wrap, a version of The First Noel, and then wishes everyone a merry xmas, then lists a whole load of animals as well, im sure she would be a little embarassed to hear that now! Dave is then back with some voice effects and uses a voice effect more likely found in a sci fi film! He introduces a track with a spiritual groove, and some vocals of Annie, but i’ve never quite worked out what they are saying. It’s probably the most disappointing of all the flexi’s.

Compilation Cassette

Due to demand from fans, the official fanclub made available in 1991 this compilation tape that contained the recordings from all of the Xmas Flexi discs from 1983 – 1990. This tape is now considered to be incredibly rare, and the last time this came up for auction, it sold for over £100.