We hope you find the discography easy to use:

To make sure you are aware of all of the features we have a few handy screen shots and tips for you to read.

  1. Database ID for our records
  2. Picture of the actual item (clickable)
  3. Format
  4. Record Label, Catalogue No and country information
  5. Promo Field
  6. Notes and additional information
  7. Link to open full page including a full gallery of images, track listing and other information. (See seperate tab)
  8. Search field (See the next 2 help tabs)

Eurythmics Discography - Key

You will also notice 2 black arrows on the top of each field, this allows you to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Using the search field at the top of each record page, you can quickly filter the display live, the search works as you type so there is no need to press enter.

For example to find just one format type eg CD then type in CD etc

Eurythmics Discography Simple Search 1

For just a country eg USA, type USA.

 Eurythmics Discography Simple Search 2

You can also see at the bottom of the page, the number of items that have been found.

You could also search for a catalogue number.  To view just promo’s you can type promo or yes.

Combing search terms is the power of the database as the following 3 images show as the list filters down.

The first term entered is promo – resulting in 6 items, then we enter USA which filters the list to 4 then we type in cd which results in 1.

You can combine your search in anyway you wish, in any order.

When you click on the far right hand column, you will be presented with a screen with full details of the record, including track details, a gallery of images that are click-able to a larger size.

You may find it more convenient for the moment to right click the last column and open the results in a new tab as we have a small issue preventing the data to pop up on the screen at the moment.

Eurythmics Discography Results Page