2003-06-02 Annie Lennox - Bare - RAI - Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-06-02

Tour Name : Bare

Country : The Netherlands

Town : Amsterdam

Venue : RAI








Happy Me

Happy Me

We went to see Annie yesterday in RAI Amsterdam. The show was great and Annie was great.I think she looked better and more relaxed than on the peacetour. She touched the whole audience with it. The set was wonderful and at the last few songs it looked like a rockconcert. The crowd couldn't stay on their seats and went in front of the stage. Almost everybody danced.

Annie was very humoristic, talked to us pretty much and she had a good time. After or during the standing ovation at the end she thanked us for the wonderful evening she and the band had, well what about us! Wow! Highlights were Legend in my living room, No more "i love you's", Pavement cracks and what an ending of this song!, Walking on broken glass, Here comes the rain again on the piano, Would i lie to you, Missionary man, Sweet dreams ... well everything was cool.

After the show we went to the back and we waited for about two hours. Around 00.00 cet she came out in a limo. Annie was sitting in the back with an open window. She waved at us and the car drove by. We gestured the car to stop but it looked like it didn't, but then ... it stopped! There were only five of us around so she signed one thing for everyone. I handed over a biography and she said she had never seen it before. She looked through it, watched some pictures, signed it with love ... annie lennox and while she handed the book back she said: "Don't believe anything in it"! I had the best time you know. What a highlight was that for me. I've been a fan since 1984 and now finally i've met one of my favorite female artists. I will never forget this ... 🙂 ... happy me. (Ivo Jongen, AnnieLennox.de)


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