2003-06-01 Annie Lennox - Bare - Queen Elisabeth - Antwerp - Belgium


Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-06-01

Tour Name : Bare

Country : Belgium

Town : Antwerp

Venue : Queen Elisabeth







Annie Lennox Bares Yet Unnoticed
I love you - Who said that?!

Annie Lennox Bares Yet Unnoticed

Annie Lennox has received rave reviews one after another for her BARE tour across the United States as well as Europe. Her performance was simply wonderful and unquestionably one of the greatest. One more such concert review could barely mean much and hardly add colors. What I wish to share here is perhaps not unknown but often unnoticed or left unreported by some of her dearest fans who must have swallowed a similar experience. After putting Annie on the pedestal and all the celebrations, here comes the rain ...

2,000 people fully packed and heated the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 1, 2003. About a dozen fans gathered like little birds outside the Hall after the show and waited for Annie's autograph. These fans included new and familiar faces from not only Belgium but also the Netherlands, France, etc. and me originally from Malaysia.

Waiting In Vain
After about 1½ hours of chatting and waiting, we were all excitedly and patiently watching the band come out and board the bus, and the shipping crew members pack and move. But our eyes were fixed to the Hall's exit, eagerly hoping to catch a glimpse of Annie. But Annie never showed up. A crew member had told us that she had taken the back door and escaped. Somehow we did not believe him. We waited for a few more moments. 2 hours had passed. A couple of fans appeared from around the corner of the building and were walking towards us. They informed us that Annie had indeed taken the less visible exit. They were the luckiest couple of the night, and managed to catch her. According to them, Annie did not seem to be in a very good mood. She refused to sign a reportedly unauthorized photo of hers which was downloaded from the Internet. She did not talk, replied with only a "thank you" when complimented on the show, and drove away.

Like a missionary man whose mission has failed, we exchanged goodbyes with one another, reluctant to just leave the special moments we had shared together. Some with their heads down checking out the pavement cracks. Some trying to find a way through the huge messy construction site between the Hall and the train station. I was moving slowly as if walking on broken glass, still hoping that Annie would somehow turn around and come back. Would I lie to you if I told you that I for one was not extremely disappointed? Yes, I would if I could. I dare not describe others' feelings here but to say that most had sighed and were also disappointed is not an over-statement.

I was whole-heartedly disappointed because I did not expect this to have happened. To me, Annie is no longer a diva wannabe like Britney Spears or Macy Gray or Jennifer Lopez. Neither is Annie an old pop queen like Madonna or Cher who must cling on to her status and can't let go and desperately wants to show it off. Of course, Annie is not a "once upon a time" songbird like Dionne Warwick or Diana Ross who remains one of the all time best but has since lost a touch of shine.

Annie is in a different league. She is a diva and does not need to try to be one. I believe she does not care much about her chart status and need not prove or convince. She is one of the best who continues to excel.

To say that Annie decided to avoid her fans because she reportedly was not in the autograph-signing mood is just simply boring. Unable to confirm the fact, however, if it is true, then it is simply lame, and I am not impressed. As an artist, Annie should have gone past this mood-swing period. Christina, Mariah, Janet, Madonna, Diana may still be struggling with it, but Annie is too unique to be still playing this "entertainment industry" game with her fans.

I was unbearably disappointed because I did not expect this to have happened. To me, Annie lacked the sportsmanship that I had expected of her. I thought she was a friendly and kind person. Perhaps


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