2003-05-19 Annie Lennox - Bare - Teatro alla Scala - Milan - Italy


Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-05-19

Tour Name : Bare

Country : Italy

Town : Milan

Venue : Teatro alla Scala








"Chez Annie" (a night with our simple kind of diva)
Le magie soul di Annie
Annie Lennox amara e grande
Lennox, voce d'oro dai riflessi neri

"Chez Annie" (a night with our simple kind of diva)

Last night, (19 May 2003), in Milano, at Teatro Smeraldo, Annie Lennox welcomed me and another “bunch of friends" in her own “living room”, to enjoy a great show in her company. After making ourselves comfortable on the "red sofas", a big screen on the back of the stage told us "welcome", and after few minutes of Annie’s back-vocals as soundtrack, the atmosphere was the right one to begin!

She came out on the stage wearing black leather clothes, and a little hat…our "little bird" sings now again, I thought! She started as in the other shows, with Money Can’t Buy It, then Legend in My Living Room and then Little Bird, one by one, song by song, I was totally captured by her energy, by her voice, and by her great presence. "Ciao Milano!" She said, and the clapping began again…

One Thousand Beautiful Things, was the next song she sang in front of so many surprised people, since it is a new song. She took off her leather coat, and showed us a brightly dress shining under the magic effects of the lights and moving with slow steam effects. Moreover we cried when she started "…du bu du bu du bu uh uh uh…"…all of us were clapping so hard…No More I Love You’s… she sang it as never before like Walking on Broken Glass, the following song, that made us dancing on the “sofas”.

There she was again, with another surprising new song, Pavement Craks…blades of light were crossing all of us, as they were coming out from cracks on the wall, while she was warmly embracing us in her own world. A little play of piano, a little suspense, and then Cold, but “cold” were not our feelings during this strong soul-power song.

"And now a song that me and Dave Stuart wrote a long time ago, 50 years ago, maybe 150 years ago…hahaha", a good piece of irony! She sat down and played Here Comes The Rain Again on the piano….it was so amazing seeing her playing! A bit of Gospel, with the next song, Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves, accompanied by her three vocalists, amazing substitutes of Aretha Franklin.

A great medley of Who’s That Girl and You Have Placed A Chill In My Hear” followed. Then back again to two other new songs. The first one “Wonderful”, and it is exactly how I felt listening to such a touching soul-ballad. Afterwards, “Bitter Pill” shacked us with a funky-beating rhythm continued by an old Eurythmics hit, Would I Lie To You. Before the first break, Annie sang Don’t Let it Bring You Down, second song form Medusa that night…then Annie left the stage through our thunderous applause...but, never mind, she came back and when Sweet Dreams began, she called us to stand up and dance…it was terrific, the energy was all around within the theatre. But the dance couldn’t stop at this point. Missionary Man and I Need A Man kept our rhythm and energy excited, and a little crowd grew in front of the stage, clapping and singing with Annie.

Last break and “grand final”…rain drops of light were falling down from above, Annie came out wearing a long elegant dress…there was Why in the air that moment. It seemed that everybody wanted that moment to last forever. “Peace” were wrote on the screen behind Annie and the band…a long standing ovation brought the concert to its end. So our simple kind of “Diva” wished us “Good Night!” and then she left the stage.

20 songs, 20 works of art, 20 magic moments that Annie has given us “wrapped in a ribbon” of atmosphere full of intimacy and emotions… "Unforgettable” is maybe the right word to describe that amazing evening, spent with a woman that has made us waiting 8 long years before coming out again, but now she is ready to steal our hearts as never before! (Mattia Zaretta & Zoli, AnnieLennox.de)

Le magie soul di Annie

Con la sua aria aristocratica, quasi un po' snob, le


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