2003-04-27 Annie Lennox - Bare - Gammage Auditorium - Phoenix - The USA


Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-04-27

Tour Name : Bare

Country : The USA

Town : Phoenix

Venue : Gammage Auditorium








Magical evening
Annie Lennox bares her soul

Magical evening

I'm back from what may be one of the most magical evenings i've experienced - my head's all over the place (and fatigue is setting in too) so here's some various thoughts/observations as best as i can express them as shades of sleep are starting to drive me away...

I was able to get a ride from a fellow member of a social group i belong to and was able to pay him back with an excellent seat and memorable evening.

One of my fave parts of the concert experience is looking at the house (from what i understand Gammage Audietorium may be one of the larger venues she's played on this tour and while there were seats available, the night was sold out by evening's end) and seeing the diversity of faces - seeing a large room of people who've been touched in some way or another by the same muse that has provided so much inspiration in my life...seeing the looks of excitement on other's faces - it's as much fun as the show itself....saw one lady wearing the black Eurythmics Revenge tour era t shirt (with photo from Missionary Man cover) and asked if she had been a member of the fan club - and she was one of the original members - #9.

My seat was absolutely wonderful - front row just right of center - practically by Annie's left foot a lot of the time and several times when she would be right over me - one of the speakers was right by me too so i got a great view and listen! The wonderful thing about being that close is being able to see the expressions of her face and seeing her personality shine through! I wore my custom made Medusa tshirt ...and the backing singers were nudging each other to look over at it and i flashed them a huge "Peace" sign in return (since they came from the Peacetour).

I won't comment a lot on the songs here since much has been said better than i could describe right now already - but for those wanting to keep track on the nightly setlist...

Money Can't Buy It
Little Bird
1000 BT
No More I Love You's
Walling On Broken Glass
Pavement Cracks
Here Comes the Rain Again
Who's That Girl
Bitter Pill
Don't Let It Bring You Down
- encore 1: -
Sweet Dreams
Missionary Man (i was so pleased she sang it tonight!)
I Need A Man
- encore 2: -

One thing i will say - she was of course in top form and voice - definately an "on night" - though it doesn't seem like she's had any "off nights" yet...and (okay two things) my fave live songs are always Here Comes The Rain Again & Who's That Girl (and Never Gonna Cry Again - but not a song on this tour) and i 've heard so many different versions and am always enraptures with them...i think the versions of both songs on this tour are the best i've ever heard!

Of course there were lots of shouts of "I love you" coming from the crowd throughout - and after enough of them Annie cracked ever so perfectly "I know". I'm of course so happy that since the Peace Tour, Annie's reached a space where performing is an enjoyable experience and not just a "chore" and it was clear that she was truly enjoying herself - which just makes the whole experience all that much more special and enjoyable.

She also asked everyone to please contribute in the lobby to Phoenix Children's Hospital - and i was happy to hear her promote a local cause - and since Grand Canyon Men's Chorale will be doing out own major fundraiser concert for them, i couldn't help but smile at the fact that i'd be on a stage soon helping out one the causes that my idol just raised attention to.

After the show - again a chance to talk with and see the faces of those who've been touched by this true artist - which certainly made the long wait to see her worthwhile...we were told to line up single file by a security guard ... and i was a little disappointed that the "infamous British black lady" didn't seem to be there since she's become of a mini-celeb in her own ri


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