2003-04-07 Annie Lennox - Bare - St. Denis Theatre - Montreal - The USA


Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-04-07

Tour Name : Bare

Country : The USA

Town : Montreal

Venue : St. Denis Theatre








Le Devouir"ANNIE LENNOX WITH the Saint-Denis - HERE is EC WHAT IT DOES BECOME -- With the question" What has become of Annie Lennox?" what posed while answering there British Daily Mail on the knife-in-the-wound mode which is usual with the tabloïds of Fleet Street ("Two tortured marriages, the black dog of depression, and now has gaunt look that is concerning her friends..."), the Scottish one of Aberdeen was used yesterday for Saint-Denis brightest updated, together with more shingling flown of slaps conceivable. Here, seemed it to mean each time that it bit with blood a note (and it all bit them), with each notch of this spectacle which made only raise notch in notch, and until this kick which it sent to the bottom of the destiny at the end of Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves, here are what Annie Lennox becomes. Does what it become? It returns. It triumphs. Sixteen ovations upright out of nineteen titles, here are what it obtained with its first spectacle in solo in Montreal (the last time, it was still with Dave Stewart within Eurythmics, in 1989). And not one of these ovations for rendered services, I would swear some, if not that of the reception. Annie Lennox did not finish returning: the spectacle of Toronto, Friday, was filmed, wait to see that, probably before the exit in June of its third album in solo, heading Bare, eight years after Medusa and eleven after Diva. Exit which coincides with the republication campaign of the original albums of Eurythmics. Here how it returns. Entirely. In fact, I seldom saw and heard interprets also entirely and intensely reserved for the active research of the heart living of the songs. Absolute concentration, total implication. Its version of Here Comes The Rain Again (the tube of Eurythmics), played piano with a suspicion of synthé for any support, could not be naked any more: there remained only the pure emotion. And of energy. Increasingly unslung as the spectacle advanced. Crescendo without much respite: in one hour and half, it was finished and ouf was made. Arrived at Who' S That Girl?/You Cuts Placed A Chill In My Heart, eight songs before the end, one was already puffed up. And one remembered that Annie Lennox is afro-American, more soulful of the white singers of the United Kingdom, in the tread of the Julie Driscoll and Dusty Springfield. And that it deserved its trio of black chorus-singers yesterday, such Aretha Franklin at the time of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. And it is in Aretha of 1968 that returned me the reading "full-tilt boogy" of Would I Binds To You? After the salvo of honor of the recalls, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), I Need A Man and the Why ballade?, Annie Lennox received last ovation in all intoxication. Yes, it returned. In force. And all these people-there will testify some. Me the first." (Sylvain Cormier, The Duty)


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