Blackbird Diaries Tweets

Dave has been a prolific tweeter, and the story of The Blackbird Diaries has been tweeted out over the last year, ever since Dave got stuck in London because of the volcanic ash cloud.

May 2010 Dave Gets Stuck In London and purchases the guitar owned by Red River Dave!


4th June – Dave announces that he’s going to record a new album in Nashville, the first solo album for 12 years, and its going to happen in 4 weeks time.


8th July – Just arrived in Nashville love it


9th July – 1st two songs in Nashville recorded yesterday


10th July – wow amazing players and Blackbird Studios is amazing


12th July – 6 tracks down in Nashville I love recording at Blackbird Studios whole band set up in one room.


Dave also confirms the proceedings are all being recorded and filmed.


15th July – Wow just finished recording all the songs (15) on my new album here in Nashville, most amazing players and I had a blast!


my favorite ever solo recording session! love you to hear it


18th July – Dave announces the album will be called The Blackbird Studio Sessions. The whole 14 song album recorded 9th to14th July 2010 in Nashville TN. One of the songs of the album is called Magic In The Blues


9th August – Sitting in Chicago O’Hare airport waiting for connection to Nashville writing liner notes for my album


10th August – Off to Blackbird Studio to mix at Station Inn last night with Reese Witherspoon who was inspiration for my duet with Stevie on my new album / but first I’m off to Pancake Pantry for breakfast of Champions !!! then off to mix my album with John McBride and Mike Bradford


11th August – 2 mixes down , sounding FAB! John McBride at the mixing desk a master sound Ninja at work


12th August – Tom Petty tonight in Nashville Yey! can’t wait , although must finish two mixes first !!!


14th August – Last day tomorrow at Blackbird Studios Nashville it’s been best experience of recording ever !


Playback time with Big Kenny, gotta stay awake for last mix!


One more tweak on the last mix going down song is called Stevie Baby say no more 🙂


3rd October – The name of the album was changed to The Blackbird Diaries and a one month long competition was announced to win a Nokia N8 phone with the album pre-loaded and one lucky winner would get an all expenses paid trip to Nashville.


Dave also tweeted : The Blackbird Diaries , early artwork for my album , this will be also be a Double Gatefold Double Vinyl Album , 7″ Vinyl singles , A Documentary DVD , CD an App + full digital download recorded In Nashville July this year


9th October The Blackbird Diaries website is launched with option to listen to samples of all the songs


15th october – Tickets for a concert in Nashville on 9th December go on sale. Dave announces that the show will be recorded for a live DVD.2nd November – “a rough version of my inside vinyl cover for my Album”


6th November – 2010, Dave premieres the video Bullet Proof Heart with Colbie Caillet (See Media \ Videos section). Dave also confirms he will be using the same band for the concert in Nashville.


11th November – High quality downloads of the album artwork is made available.


7th December – Dave arrives in Nashville for rehearsals at The Blackbird Studios


9th December – Dave plays to a sellout audience in Nashville