Adonis's Biography

Adonis is an icon of House Culture. Adonis made shock waves on the global dance floors when he recorded many innovative and influential dance tracks. Born and raised on the West Side of Chicago; Adonis was introduced to music at a young age. He played bass guitar with several Jazz and Funk bands and was eventually introduced to a raw and untamed art form that was brewing in Chicago. That art form is now called House Music worldwide which has spawned the growth of acid house, techno, trance, drum & bass. If you can dance to it… “It’s House!”

Title : House (07/1988)
BLMK-002House House (version)
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Big Ken's Biography

Title : Hoochie Coochie (06/1987)
ANX002Hoochie Coochie Man Harry Dean
ANXT002Hoochie Coochie Man (Short) Hoochie Coochie Man (Long) Harry Dean (Short) Harry Dean (Long)
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Boxcar's Biography

Boxcar is an Australian Sydney-based synth pop and techno band. Formed in the mid-1980s in Brisbane by main songwriter guitarist and vocalist David Smith, he was soon joined by keyboardists Brett Mitchell and Carol Rohde and somewhat later by drummer-percussionist Crispin Trist. They initially released several cassette-only releases including the album P.C.M.. Boxcar’s early material sounded similar to contemporaries such as Cabaret Voltaire and Severed Heads. Boxcar were also notable for playing many live shows in the Brisbane area and around the country, including shows where they performed wearing gas masks. Performing electronic music live was a difficult feat given the preference in Australian live venues for guitar-driven pub rock and they would sometimes be jeered by members of the crowd.  Read more on Wikipedia or The Boxcar Website

Title : What Are You So Happy About (??/????)
ANX 1026TWhat Are You So Happy About? 5 Mixes: Extended Mix BBG's Softer Mix Phase Elevator Mix BBG's Harder Mix Scope Mix
SAM1443What Are You So Happy About? 5 Mixes: Extended Mix (4:53) BBG's Softer Mix (6:16) Phase Elevator Mix (5:49) BBG's Harder Mix (7:43) Scope Mix (8:43)
ANX1026CDWhat Are You So Happy About? 5 Mixes: BBG's Harder Mix (7:43) Scope Mix (8:43) Extended Mix (4:53) BBG's Softer Mix (6:16) Phase Elevator Mix (5:49)
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Century Boys's Biography


Title : Jungle Junket (??/????)
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Chris Braide's Biography

Ivor Novello winner Chris Braide has achieved considerable success as a songwriter at home and in the US. He is one of few British songwriters of late to reach multi million record sales in the United States. In a 2005 article for GQ magazine, Braide was among the most successful and influential men in the music business under 40 years of age.

Recently he has been in his studio with Cheryl Cole, Diana Vickers, JLS, Westlife and Boyzone amongst many others writing and producing for their forthcoming albums.

He has written and produced songs on the platinum selling album’s by Cheryl Cole (Three Words) JLS (JLS), Westlife (Where We Are)James Morrison (Songs for You, Truths for Me) & Will Young (Let It Go). The Saturdays album title track “Chasing Lights”, was written and produced by Chris, as was the UK #3 single “Don’t Call This Love” by Leon Jackson. Watch Chris’s album being produced by Dave Stewart in the studio below. Read More Here

Title : Life In A Minor Key (??/????)
UnknownIf I Hadn't Got You Heavenly Rain The Choice Is Yours Life In A Minor Key Summer Fever Jealous Suffer For Love Out Of The Blue She Still Sings Counting Out Time Right Down If I Hadn't Got You (U.S. Mix) Same Mistake * Change The World * If I Hadn't Got You (Acoustic Version) * Heavenly Rain (Acoustic Version)* * - Bonus Track
PRCD477Life In A Minor Key If I Hadn't Got You She Still Sings Summer Fever Heavenly Rain
Title : Heavenly Rain (??/????)
Does It Exist
Does It Exist
Title : If I Hadn't Got You (??/1997)