Annie Lennox Nostalgia : Barnes & Noble Signing

Barnes & Noble Union Square NYC 21st October 2014

Here’s Danny Echi’s report:

Last night(10/21/2014) at ANNIE’s Barnes & Noble Q&A/Signing in NYC, during the Q&A she was asked what show in her career has been her favorite (show/concert)gig you’ve ever played?. She said she couldn’t pick just one, but said “I have to say My favorite performance was performing “Under Pressure” with DAVID BOWIE (& the surviving members of Queen) at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992. She explained it GREAT detail why, and won crowd raves with the story & excitement about singing with David Bowie. It was my favorite part of the Q&A. Fierceness xxx ECHI

Find below a full video of the interview session, a video of the signing session and some photographs from the event.