Ultimate Eurythmics Q&A With Annie Lennox 2006

In October 2005, The Ultimate Eurythmics Discography asked its visitors to submit questions to the site for Annie to answer. Annie has very kindly taken the time to answer over 25 of them, see if you’re question is one that Annie answered! I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading these, and on behalf of us all, would like to thank Annie for her time, and her honest answers! Pictures have links to relevant sites and pages.


Are you having a good year? Larry Hodge

It’s been quite special really in many ways. I performed for 46664 in South Africa and Norway, filmed for the make poverty history campaign in Uganda, performed at live 8 in London and Edinburgh, performed at the memorial service for the founder of amnesty international, wrote and recorded with Dave and released Eurythmics Ultimate Collection, was inducted into the UK Hall of Fame as well as all the performances etc, not bad really, considering I had no plans.


Is this how you imagined you’d be in 2005? Steven Reid

I can never ever imagine how any year is going to turn out…I don’t think anyone can.. Unless he’s Uri Geller or something!


With the two new songs in 2005 did you feel any pressure to make the tracks sound ‘modern’ in order to fit in with contemporary music trends? Ben Rawson Jones

I didn’t experience any kind of pressure like that. I don’t really pay much attention to trends.


Why is the ultimate collection not a full + true retrospective of all singles? Chris Ashworth

Well. I suppose it could have been all kinds of things, but we felt this was the best representation at this point in time.


Why are some tracks missing from the remasters? for example, the remixes to there must be an angel, who’s that girl? and you have placed a chill in my heart, among others. Mark Stevens

I don’t know. That’s more of a Dave type question. Sorry.


Why isn’t their a remaster for EVERY previously made alternative and extended version of ALL Eurythmics songs and remasters of the music of The Catch? Chris M. Tondrowski

…give me a break darling!! You can have too much off a good thing!


Do you plan to do a tour, or just a promotional tour? Any chance to have all the singles and b-sides remastered, as well and all video collection with BBC Top of the Pops performances and so on?? Julian Poblete

We’ve just stopped making appearances a couple of weeks ago. A full blown tour is not really what i want to be doing right now, but i never rule out any possibilities. We’re trying to get hold of as much of our past work as we possibly can in terms of archive etc..but it’s a massive task, and rather time consuming.


Will there be a new album (only new songs) or tour? Who would them like to do a duet with? Markus Pörsch

We’re not planning it at this stage in the game…which kind of answers all the questions at once. I would have loved to have sung with Celia Cruz, but sadly she’s no longer with us.


Annie, are you going to bring out a new solo album? Thomas A Dagg

I’ll have to write and record it first!


Can we expect a new Eurythmics album from Dave and Annie in the near future or are they going to focus on their own musical careers? Christian Wikstrom

Well…right now there are no plans, but you never know. We didn’t know we were going to write and record the two new songs for the ultimate collection. Never forget that fiction is less strange than truth.


What is your favourite non-single song? Will you tour again? Will the 12 mixed be remastered and released too? Dan Mueller

I don’t have a list of the songs in my head right now…and I don’t listen much to Eurythmics music, because I’ve got a whole other relationship to it which involves performance etc.. Anyhow. Having said that,…I was very partial to lots of the tracks on “savage” and I also like 1984.


Eurythmics story seems like excellent material for a film; is there any possibility of Dave [and Annie] producing a motion picture based-on Eurythmics? What a soundtrack that would make!! Clem Stambaugh & Ben

Too right I should say. I doubt that it would translate well onto celluloid. And it would take a whole other lifetime to script it out etc… Anyhow. We’re both trying to get on with the real story of living right here in the present


Would you ever consider writing your autobiographies, they would be amazing, inspiring stories and you would have so much to write about? Paul Forster



Annie, you obviously enjoy a good dressing up box (and sometimes a dressing down box!) the creativity of Eurythmics and your solo career has always been so demanding, what have been your most fun videos to shoot, and which video do you feel you can look back on today and say, yup, we got that one absolutely right! Also does being a perfectionist mean that you look back on past work without thinking, why didn’t we do that, or shoot it this way? Steve Gayler

Well. I don’t sit down to watch Eurythmics videos for personal entertainment, so I can’t really bring them to mind like that. I think they all have their magic moments. Every one is a small miracle of achievements in itself. A lot of fun, creativity, hard work and invention took place. Sweet Dreams is totally unique and special. I like the video for “you have placed a chill in my heart”, and the video we made for a song called “The King and Queen of America”, because it really is very very funny to watch.


Annie, where have you left your fantastic gowns and flamboyant make-up??? Miguel Angel Perez

Oh I hung those up a while ago. Been there, done that


What video did you have the most fun filming? Stewart Lennox

They were all fun and hard work in their own way. “Here Comes The Rain Again” was pretty arduous at times, but really satisfying. “There Must Be An Angel” was wonderfully indulgent and theatrical.


Annie, Can you tell us why the Never Gonna Cry Again video was never released? David Poplawski

Holgar Czukay played a couple of notes on the French horn at the tail end of the video, which the British musician’s union objected to, because he wasn’t a signed up member. They refused to allow it to be aired, and that was that. Absolutely ridiculous and a crushing blow to us at the time, especially as we’d struggled so hard to create it.


Is there a chance we might get an official fan club started? I would love to become a member…I was a bit young to become one when Eurythmics were popular in the 80’s and I would love some exclusive stuff! I have collected official merchandise from the previous fan club and would love it if we had a way of collectively letting Annie and Dave to know that we still love them and care about what they have to share with us musically? David Dearin

Well there are a few websites as well as the “official” one. I doubt that there’ll ever be an official fan club but stranger things have happened.


There is a cursive-script symbol in the liner notes to Revenge that looks like the letters R & E. What does it mean? Does it have any significance? Rex Saldana

If you look more closely you’ll see that the letters are actually “dna” Which was a cryptic little play with letters at the time.


Do you have a private collection with all the vinyl, cds, and promotional items or not, all the unreleased artwork of your work? Yann Jouvet

No I don’t. I was never too much into that kind of thing, but now I’m starting to take it a little bit more seriously. I’d like to see the legacy spread out in front of me in a beautifully shaped Eurythmic pattern.


Annie: what poets have you continuously turned to for good reading throughout the years? Elio

I’m illiterate…really uneducated. I used to like Sylvia Plath, and other dark depressives, but I haven’t read poetry in years, although I did like writing it sometimes. NB…must make a new year’s resolution to read more poetry.


Are you happy with how your life has turned out? Heiko

Well I’ve had my fair share of life’s disappointments. From a musical point of view it has been fairly extraordinary, and I still feel there’s more to come.


What is one thing that you wish people knew about you, but don’t? Lisa A Idarraga

There’s nothing more anybody needs to know about me is there really? Why should anybody want to know anything else about me? Ok how about…I’m actually 75 years old but I look really young for my age!


What do you think you would be doing now if you hadn’t made it in music? Sophie Scott

Well that’s a hard question to answer because the possibilities could be endless. I might have been forced to go back to the city of Aberdeen with my tail between my legs, but I can’t quite get my head around that concept. I would have loved to have gone to art school, but who knows? The only thing you can ever guarantee in life is “change”.


Both Dave and Annie have always been very generous with their time when it comes to important causes. With all the need in the world, how do you choose which charities and causes you will be directly involved with? Lori Coleman

That’s a kind of organic thing. I’m continuously flooded with all kinds of requests, and I do my best to respond to everything as I see fit. I feel passionately about many things including environmental issues, the HIV/aids genocide taking place in Africa and elsewhere, human rights, the tragedy of the Tibetan people, and all indigenous people whose lives and cultures have been decimated by colonial powers… the atrocious mess of the war in Iraq… I could go on and on…the planet is totally insane…out of kilter and heading for god knows what.


How do you feel music can help and heal an individual, or society? Andrew Ritchie

Music is a powerful communicating force which has the potential to transcend the barriers of culture, race or creed. It can be used as a platform to inspire, inform, soothe, heal, educate, stimulate and uplift mankind on all kinds of magical levels. I cannot imagine a world without music.


Edited by Steve Gayler – January 2006