The Time Experience Project – Dave Stewart’s latest creative collective release their debut single “Brings Me Home”

The Time Experience Project – Dave Stewart’s latest creative collective release their debut single “Brings Me Home”

Dave Stewart has formed a groundbreaking creative collective called The Time Experience Project. Comprised of talented writers, actors, filmmakers, composers, and performers, including Mokadelic and Greta Scarano. This new venture aims to push boundaries and deliver impactful artistic experiences.

The debut project from The Time Experience Project is WHO TO LOVE, a modern rock opera that will be showcased through a captivating long-form video and album. The world premiere of WHO TO LOVE is scheduled for October 19th at the prestigious Rome Film Festival. The accompanying album, set to be released on October 20th via Bay Street Records, marks yet another milestone in Dave’s illustrious career.

For this ambitious endeavour, Dave Stewart has joined forces with renowned Italian actress Greta Scarano and the legendary Italian band Mokadelic. Together, they aim to weave together music and visuals in a way that explores the depths of the human soul, delving into themes of love, memories, and nightmares, creating a mesmerizing and thought-provoking experience.

In anticipation of the release, you can already stream the lead single “Brings Me Home” and pre-save the WHO TO LOVE album. The song beautifully encapsulates the power of genuine love and emphasizes the importance of connection, even in a chaotic world. Stewart’s lyrics, combined with the accompanying music video, create a harmonious blend of sound and visuals, offering a profound reflection on the human experience.

Dave Stewart shares his inspiration for WHO TO LOVE, stating, “The songs on this album revolve around the elusive nature of time and how it can feel distorted depending on our mental state. Through the music and lyrics, we aim to interpret these feelings and explore life’s serpentine journey, encompassing moments of sadness, melancholy, love addiction, and pure ecstasy. The accompanying short film delves into the struggles of anxiety and loneliness, mirroring the emotions conveyed in the music.”

The creative genius behind The Time Experience Project is once again pushing artistic boundaries and creating a fusion of music and storytelling that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for the release of WHO TO LOVE, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the human experience.

The Time Experience Project - Dave Stewart - Mokadelic
The Time Experience Project - Dave Stewart - Brings Me Home Single

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