Dave Stewart joins legendary Bootsy Collins on a funky new single and video – ‘Funk Not Fight!

Dave Stewart joins legendary Bootsy Collins on a funky new single and video – ‘Funk Not Fight!

Bootsy Collins finally released his highly anticipated track “Funk Not Fight,” the leading single from his upcoming collection of new music, and fans of Dave Stewart will not be disappointed to find out that Dave plays guitars and pops up a few times throughout the video. 

Collaborating with rappers Baby Triggy and Fantaazma, the song is part of Funk Not Fight, an ongoing album compilation by Collins, with a staggered release schedule that will showcase emerging talent and promote peace through music.

The music video accompanying the track is even more funky, with appearances from Dave Stewart, bassist Marcus Miller, Buckethead, Victor Wooten, and Carlos Santana’s wife Cindy Blackman, among other renowned guests. Recently, Bootsy Collins, now 71, hosted a panel at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, where he unveiled plans for the first ever Funk Not Fight hub in collaboration with The Bootsy Collins Foundation and The Village, a local community organization that supports youth in the Cleveland area. The Funk Not Fight hub will provide young people access to various services, including a music studio where aspiring musicians can learn and explore, as well as access to certified professionals as mentors.

Dave Stewart and Bootsy Collins have collaborated on several projects over the years, creating a unique sound that blends rock, funk, and soul. The two first worked together on Stewart’s 1991 solo album, “Greetings from the Gutter,” which featured Collins on bass. They continued to collaborate on various projects, including the soundtrack for the film “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” where they co-wrote and performed the hit song “Gettin’ in the Way.” 

Watch the video below or click the link for various ways to stream or download “Funk Not Fight”

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