As voting has passed the 350K mark, we can now reveal an exclusive message for everyone voting from Eurythmics themselves!

As voting has passed the 350K mark, we can now reveal an exclusive message for everyone voting from Eurythmics themselves!


We are delighted to bring you this message from Dave and Annie, a message to everyone who likes Eurythmics music, and for everyone who has been voting in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2022.

It’s still not too late to keep on voting, votes close on 29th April, see the link below!

And here is the message:

A message for anyone who likes Eurythmics music…

Attention! Your Attention please!!!A very long time ago – four decades or more.. a wandering minstrel met a melancholy harmonium player who lived in a solitary bedsit in a dark old house, in a district called Camden Town, in the great big city of London.

They were both quite poor and they both felt somewhat lost and lonely, as they had been roughly tossed about on the stormy seas of life and were searching for the shore. They told each other their stories, their troubles and secrets and very soon the minstrel cheered the sad girl up and she laughed until she cried and then she laughed some more. And that’s just the beginning of our story.

Four decades later…
The minstrel and the harmonium player found themselves lying underneath the shade of an extraordinary monkey puzzle tree to realise that their story had all been but a dream in which they had constantly travelled the world and the seven seas on a magical quest for beauty and poetry.

This quest had taken them on all manner of strange and fantastical adventures…
As they gradually came to they realised that two sealed envelopes had been placed in their hands.
One was addressed ‘Dave’ and the other was addressed to ‘Annie’.Inside each envelope was a message, which read… “YOU – RYTHMICS have been nominated for the great ‘HALL of FAME’ in the sky, but you must request one thing of the good peeps who have listened, laughed, cried and danced to your songs…
They must VOTE or you will not arise to the glorious place of ascension!”

And so, dear reader… The rest of the story is now in your hands!


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