Joss Stone’s new album Never Forget My Love written and produced by Dave Stewart is out now with excellent reviews

Joss Stone’s new album Never Forget My Love written and produced by Dave Stewart is out now with excellent reviews

Joss Stone and Dave Stewart have reunited once again for a highly emotional new album called Never Forget My Love.  The album is already getting greaet reviews in the UK press.  The album is also being released on Dave Stewart’s new record label Bay Street Records.

“Never Forget My Love” was produced and co-written by Dave Stewart, and both he and Joss wrote every song for the new record on acoustic guitar at Bay Street Studios in the Bahamas and then recorded all the tracks at Nashville’s famous Blackbird Studio. The project marks Stone’s first full-length LP in more than five years as well as her first new music with Stewart in over a decade. As on their previous collaboration, 2011’s critically acclaimed LP1, backing comes from a top tier band of session all-stars including drummer Chad Cromwell, bassist Michael Rhodes, and guitarist Tom Bukovac.

On working with Dave, Joss commented, “Dave and I have been great friends for a very long time and we have worked together on various projects. He has this calm, quiet confidence that encourages you to tell your story. He is a breath of fresh air, very young at heart. And he always wants to lift you up.” 

Additionally, describing her new music Joss mentioned, “You know – think of Dusty Springfield, Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick – those kinds of classy, timeless songs. Think long gloves and a dress”.

“Joss and I have had many adventures around the world writing and recording and we have always enjoyed every minute.  We are essentially best friends which makes it effortless. The music flows naturally between us.  In the making of this album, ‘Never Forget My Love’, as usual we started off small, just the two of us writing with an acoustic guitar, but if you were to hear those simple phone recordings we are already singing and shouting out brass lines and string arrangements to each other and anyone listening would think we were crazy people. We have a secret musical language and it’s so special. I’m very proud of this album, in particular, as I think we’ve captured magic in this collection of songs recorded with amazing players and orchestral arrangements that could have been written in the sixties and that sound so familiar on first listen” says Stewart.

Among her many recent endeavors, Stone has created and hosts the original podcast series, A Cuppa Happy, which saw her engaging in-depth conversations with a host of guests, from public intellectuals to pop cultural figures like Dave Stewart, Shaggy, and Boy George, in an effort to discover the source and secret to happiness. A Cuppa Happy is available now at all leading podcast providers.

6799 - Dave Stewart And Joss Stone - Never Forget My Love - Worldwide - CD - NFMLBSRCD002

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