“Street Dreams” are made on a skateboard from Doric Skateboards

“Street Dreams” are made on a skateboard from Doric Skateboards

Doric Skateboards were recently featured in the UK news as having had a whole week of zero sales, so many businesses have suffered as a result of COVID in all countries.

“An independent trader has publicly declared that he had a week of zero sales to encourage people to be more honest on social media. Gary Kemp, who runs Doric Skateboards, fears that it has become taboo for business owners to admit to any failings online.

The entrepreneur behind Doric Skateboards is now keen to challenge the “facade of success” many people present to the world – both in their business and personal lives. So this week, the straight-talking Aberdonian decided to tell his followers on Instagram that his online store had gone eight days without a sale.

Doric are based in Aberdeen, Annie Lennox’s hometown, and have created a board dedicated to Annie Lennox called “Street Dreams” price at just £50.

The link to the shop is below, where there are also a couple of “Street Dreams” T-Shirts available as well.

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