Annie Lennox’s Steinway piano sells for over £35,000 with all proceeds going to her charity The Circle

Annie Lennox’s Steinway piano sells for over £35,000 with all proceeds going to her charity The Circle

Annie Lennox has kindly donated her Steinway Grand piano to The Circle for uaction in Londpn by Bonhams where it realised a sum of over £35,000 for the charity.

This piano has been in Annie Lennox’s personal collection since purchase, originally stored and used at her London home. Generously donated to her charity The Circle for this sale, of which proceeds will go directly to the cause. Founded in 2008 by Annie Lennox, she states, the concept of The Circle came from the notion of women supporting, connecting and inspiring each other to become advocates and change agents, through our passion, skills and ideas. Lennox continues, I’m committed to the vision of The Circle becoming a long term contributor to the global movement for the rights of women and girls and I’m very much looking forwards to collectively using our voices, skills and resources to make a significant difference towards a fairer and more equal world.

In a statement regarding offering this cherished instrument for sale, and as a keen pianist Lennox has said…I started to learn to play the piano at the age of seven, in 1961 in my home town of Aberdeen, practicing on an old upright in the front room of the tenement flat where I lived with my mother and father. In those days I never would have dreamed that I would have had the opportunity to play on a grand piano, let alone own one. Many years later, it became a dream of mine to purchase my own grand piano, so being able to acquire this beautiful Steinway Grand was absolutely incredible for me. Steinway pianos represent the finest instruments in the world. Even to this day I get a special thrill every time I sit down to play this amazing instrument… She continues, discussing the sound and quality of using such a highly regarded piano saying, The sound and resonance in its tone are absolutely perfect for my style of playing, and although I’m sad to say goodbye to my beloved friend, I hope that its next owner will appreciate its value and enjoy many delightful hours creating music from its keys in the same way as I have.

This grand piano is one which Lennox has used at home for personal use. Having been part of the internationally successful Eurythmics, and later as an acclaimed solo artist, Annie Lennox OBE has released six solo studio albums and a compilation album, won eight Brit Awards (which include being named ‘Best British Female Artist’ a record six times), collected four Grammy Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award. Lennox has also received both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award® for ‘Best Original Song’ having written film soundtracks. In addition to her career as a musician, Lennox is also a political and social activist, meaning offering this special piano for her charity all the more significant.

Details of the piano are :
completed in 1982,
serial no.497474, in Ebonised high gloss, with 56 ivory keys and 36 ebony keys, place of origin Hamburg Germany, labelled Steinway & Sons in gold; purchased as new by Lennox from Steinway in 1987, piano stool included, accompanied by a certificate from Steinway & Sons, CITES licence no.592572/015ft10 (180cm) long x 4ft8 (147cm) wide



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