National Album Day will return for its third edition on Saturday 10 October with the perfect antidote to lockdown blues – a celebration of arguably music’s greatest decade, the Eighties!

This year’s 80s theme is a first in a series of musical themes for National Album Day that will be rolled out annually and coincides with the current resurgence of 80’s popular culture that is loved by audiences both young and old. 80’s culture and music is all around us; on our TV’s, on our music streaming services, and in fashion and in classic film remakes.

This year there are a number of limited edition and special pressings being released to celebrate the event, and Sony have confirmed that the 1985 Eurythmics album Be Yourself Tonight will be issued as a 12″ Picture Disc for the first time, complementing the previous two albums, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and Touch.

Orders are being taken now by many online retailers with pricing ranging from £18 to £25

The catalogue number for this release is 19439793361 and can be found on our discography here 


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