Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the 100 Beautiful Songs Poll, we are ready to start the countdown on Saturday 26th October.

We will be publishing 3 results a day from now until mid November, leading into the annual Advent Calendar where we will reach No. 1 on Christmas Day.

We’ve had quite a few technical gremlins, and between all the admins we’ve had a lot of illness whcih is why we are running behind.

Never the less, this is still going to be one hell of a ride, there’s some great results, some unexpected fallers, and some surprises in the Top 20.

Please make sure that you visit the website link for each result too as this year we are publishing the Top 15 voters for each song via the website.

Results are published each day on Twitter, 3 Facebook Groups, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest so you shouldn’t miss out, but, if you want to leave comments, we do ask you do this on the Facebook 100 Beautiful Songs Page so that we can keep them all together.

It’s going to be a blast!

Steve, Dan, Ian, Mark & Craig.

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