Ahead of Annie Lennox’s performance at MASSMoCA tomorrow, she has released today a 4 track album titles Lepidoptera.

When Annie Lennox opened the House Of Me at The V&A, there was background music played also recorded by Annie called Butterfly, this seems to be a progression of that work and gets a digital release today.  Annie has had an affinity to butterflies and they are always present across her website.

The four track are:

Papilio Machaon (8:57)
Parnassius Apollo (8:28)
Apatura Iris (9:01)
Hesperiidae (7:52)

Annie lovingly refers to this as her “Butterfly Music.”  Speaking about “Lepidoptera” Lennox said: 

“Lepidoptera (the biological classification for ‘butterfly’ ) is comprised of four extemporised piano pieces, which were performed and recorded live several years ago. Butterfly Music is far from any ‘conventional’ recording I’ve ever released, primarily because it has no voice parts whatsoever. My hope for this ambient music is that whoever hears it will be calmed and soothed, in a world that’s becoming exponentially more hectic and bombarded by sonic overload.” 

Find out more about the butterflies that these tracks are named after, and to hear the 4 tracks on YouTube below.

Lepidoptera is the classification order of over 170,000  species of butterfly, and the 4 song titles relate to butterfly or moth species.

Papilio Machaon

The Swallowtail butterfly is the largest native butterfly in the UK, and also one of the rarest.

Parnassius Apollo

The Apollo, also known as the Crimson-ringed has only very occasionally been recorded in the British Isles.

Apatura Iris

The Purple Emperor is a magnificent and elusive insect that is actively sought out by the many subjects of “His Majesty”, as the male butterfly is affectionately known.


Refers to the family of Skipper moths where the adults are recognised by their rapid and darting flight.

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