What better way to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Eurythmics album Touch than with the creative genius and photographer Peter Ashworth

Peter Ashworth opened his first London show on Thursday evening at The Lever Gallery in London. Peter is well known for his photography work in both the fashion and music industry with his work being featured on many an album cover. Famed for creating several iconic photos of Eurythmics and Annie Lennox, Peter kindly invited me to his preview evening on Thursday.

2018 11 15 Peter Ashworth Mavericks Exhibition Opening London 13

Peter Ashworth Mavericks London Eurythmics Annie Lennox

As well as photographing Eurythmics through the In The Garden period to 1985, he has photographed amongst others Soft Cell, Adam Ant, Bryan Ferry, The The, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Julian Cope, and The Clash, for both single and album sleeves and magazine covers.

The iconic Touch pose featuring Annie Lennox Started as a cover for The Face magazine, which has been enlarged and hanging at the entrance of the gallery.

Seeing Peters work displayed this way for the first time truly celebrates his creative career, every picture has to be looked at over and over again as there is often so much detail beyond the initial impression, others are strikingly sparse but giving equal impact.

I liked the presentation in the gallery, there are no wall plaques for each image, and even the show guide doesn’t list the photos in order, making you have to go and look and discover each one individually. The works have all been personally selected from Peter’s archives, and in many cases, he has had to meticulously rebuild his images after losing original negatives along the way.

Be quick though the exhibition is only on for a couple of weeks : 16th November – 8th December 2018. Unframed prints limited to just 12 copies are available for £1802 via the gallery link below. Visit Peter’s website where all of the pictures in the gallery can be viewed.

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