At 3.33pm on National Album Day we invite the Great British Public to stop what they’re doing, sit back, relax and play an album of choice in full, from start to finish. It could be rejoicing in your favourite album of all-time, or selecting an album you’ve never heard before.

We want to see what is your ultimate National Album Day Annie Lennox album of choice – let us know by using the hashtag #NationalAlbumDay and handle @AlbumDayUK.

On Saturday 13th October the entire British music community are coming together to celebrate the first ever National Album Day. There’s going to be a week-long build up of events and activities across the country celebrating the album format involving all the amazing talent involved from artists, song writers, labels, retailers and sleeve designers.  

The album turns 70 this year. That’s 70 years of classic albums, life-changing records, favourite new albums, favourite first albums, the albums that changed your life and the ones you just could not live without – albums mean different things to different people – but there is no denying the huge impact they’ve not only had on our lives but on British pop- culture as we know it.  

There are lots of ways for the public to get involved from hosting album listening parties, going record shopping with friends, attending live album playbacks or just rejoicing in your record collection and telling us all about the records you cherish and love.  

At 3.33pm on National Album Day everyone in the UK is being asked to stop what they’re doing, sit back, relax and play an album of choice in full, from start to finish.  

Album sales continue to thrive. In 2017 135 million albums were either purchased, downloaded or streamed – a rise of 9.5 per cent on the previous year.  

4.1 million of these were on vinyl – the highest level since the start of the 1990’s.

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