Hempstead May Gallery is pleased to present ‘Deeper’, an exhibition of large format fine art prints celebrating
the portraiture of Alastair Thain.

After a decade of separation, Alastair Thain and Hempstead May founders, Jon Hempstead and India May, have immersed themselves in a stunning new collaboration, combining Thain’s diverse archive with Hempstead & May’s unparalleled knowledge of colour and print. An archive of unearthed negatives beautifully brought back to life, ‘Deeper’ is the first piece of a puzzle showcasing the formidable Alastair Thain.

Born in Dusseldorf in 1961 at the height of The Cold War, Thain’s creative practice was influenced in particular by the work of Joseph Beuys and the modes of communication Beuys developed to express his healing, egalitarian, social, environmental and political concerns. Throughout Thain’s photographic endeavours he captured intimate moments with many prolific personalities.

“Deeper” by Alastair Thain contains 2 images of Annie Lennox that were taken from the shoot of the Savage Album cover. In the exhibition, we have “Annie in the corner” standing over 2 metres tall (also available in a smaller size) and the Iconic image of Annie Lennox on the cover of the Savage Album. The prints are all authenticated by Alastair using his Thumb print and are limited to only 7 of each.

All of these large format fine art prints have been printed at Hempstead May, limited to a run of only 7 editions and authenticated with a thumb print signature provided by Alastair

Print prices start from:

42 x 34.4 inches : £3,900 Framed and £3,400 Unframed

72 x 59 inches :  £7,800 Framed and £7,200 Unframed


In addition to the prints, there is a catalogue to coincide with the exhibition.

This is limited to 500 copies and in celebration of the opening  of The Hempstead May Gallery the catalogueis available for the special price of £36.00 at the gallery until 30th September 2018 (£48.00 there after).

Let us know if you plan to visit the gallery to see these 2 iconic images of Annie!

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