Stephan Plank will be introducing his film about his father Conny Plank to a British audience for the first time at the end of August at 4 locations, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

Conny Plank was one of the most innovative sound experimentalists, producing recordings that revolutionized music that still is as valid as ever. He became a hub in the new German sounds. Producer, sound engineer and musician covering a wide range of genres including progressive, avant-garde, electronic music and krautrock.

Dying at only 47, Plank left behind a wife, actress Christa Fast and a 13-year-old-son, Stephan. Now, 20 years on, Stephan sets out to find his father, the film taking a journey through music history as well as around the world, to give an unusually intimate and emotional view of the artists, their work with Conny Plank and the many musical traces he left behind.

The film that features Dave Stewart has also recently won a German Documentary film prize.

Watch the film trailer below.

The Dates are

29th August : London – Goethe-Institut London. Q&A & DJ Set
30th August : Sheffield – Showroom Cinema. Q&A  & Krautrock Disco
31st August : Manchester – Home. Q&A and DJ Set
1st  September : Glasgow Goethe-Institut Q&A

Tickets are free in Glasgow, £3 in London and £9 for Manchester & Sheffield.

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