Last week, Laurence Stevens contributed 5 sleeves to Secret 7″ in London, where the music world and art worlds collide to raise money for charity.

A lot of fans have been debating over the last week how they felt that a lot of the sleeves did not really represent Eurythmics or the title I Saved The World Today, but I think that the point has been missed by many.  This continues to prove how subjective art is, what is art and what is it worth. People queued for 3 days to purchase some of the sleeves in the hope that they had identified the artist, with some lucky purchases buying potential investment pieces.

For me, the stand out sleeves of the collection created for Eurythmics were the 5 sleeves that were created by Laurence Stevens, and I was lucky to have been able to purchase 1 of these sleeves which I believe to be a unique item in Eurythmics history, these sleeves are 1 off’s.

I am happy to share with you today Laurence’s words about the sleeves, which may just help you understand why there is no title and why there is no word Eurythmics on the sleeve.

Every Eurythmics album cover or single sleeve that I ever designed, my intention was to always bring the graphic down to its minimal parts. Finally, Secret 7″ has allowed me to achieve this by using the International Red Cross symbol combined with the famous Eurythmics star logo = Dave and Annie trying to ‘save the world’ with the power of a strong graphic symbol.

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