The legendary Eurythmocs photographer Peter Ashworth had just opened his first ever solo exhibition at The Gallery in Liverpool titled Mavericks.

Peter has famously photographed amongst others Soft Cell, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tina Turner, The Smiths, Bryan Ferry & The Cult.

The exhibition features works that Peter has chosen from his own archives, in many instances making new prints and scans to really enhance the exhibition.

Featured in the gallery is a huge print of the cover of The Face that featured Annie Lennox in her famous black mask. In a recent interview with Get Into This he explained the process of working with Annie.

Ashworth explains the process: “Annie and I knew each other pretty well and we’d already done a number of shoots together … The Face wanted me to do a shoot with Annie, they were aware of the androgyny effect, the culture shock around the world and the genius music, which was quite experimental at that stage.

She just turned up with a bag of tricks, she was really good at putting on characters – in her videos she takes on lots of different roles and she could do that on stage live as well, she would play with her moods. It was compelling viewing, leading you into theatre.

It’s so wonderful photographing someone like that, who already is in theatrical mode. On this particular day we did this famous bent arm pose with the mask, but we also did the ballerina outfit, the gold lamé outfit – we did about six different shoots on that one day and it was such a breeze. She did her own make up. It was literally just the two of us and no one else.

Peter has also put together some words on the 2 main images featured in Mavericks:

Eurythmics – Touch LP sleeve image of Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox, is wearing a mask, and making a variation on the strongman pose. This is a very simple image of contradiction – vulnerability and power. Annie’s continual use of costume and attitude throughout her career in a search for the alternative persona, created intrigue and mystery around her that remains to this day.\par

Shot on the 1st September 1983, at Bagley’s Warehouse, initially for The Face magazine. This image appeared on the cover of issue 42, in October of 1983, when the background was replaced with pure white, and for the cover of the Eurythmics next album, Touch, which was released in November of that year.

Shot on EPR120 transparency film, using a 150mm Hasselblad lens.


Eurythmics – In The Garden LP session – flutter
A triple exposure, made in camera, of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox. Taken from the Eurythmics debut LP photo session for “In The Garden”.

The location is a private garden belonging to a friend, in Swiss Cottage, London.

Shot on the 7th July 1981, on EPR.120 colour transparency film. This digitised version was made from a scan of the original transparency, made 11th February 2018.

Art direction Alex McDowell/Rocking Russian.

Prints are also available for sale, but you’ll need to dig deep!

The images are 45cmx45cm and the prints are on gloss paper and are Peter Ashworths first ever edition, limited to only 12 prints all with certificate of authenticity.

Each are priced at £1600 exclusive of VAT.

Mavericks is open now until 8th July at The Gallery, 41 Stanhope Street, Liverpool.  12pm – 4pm Tuesday to Sundays.

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