Sony Legacy want your Eurythmics love stories!

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart have been saving souls and breaking hearts since the early eighties.

There’s a good chance they were your first introduction to the true potential of the synthesiser. We’d put good odds on Lennox redefining what you thought a pop star could be.

And it’s pretty much a dead cert that – with eight platinum albums to their name – at least one chapter of your life played out to a Eurythmics soundtrack.

So tell us your stories – who do you think of when ‘Sweet Dreams…’ plays? Who was the angel that played with your heart? What was the day you saved the world?

Email us at and let us know, we’ll collect the best for a later feature.

(We’ll add your name to your contribution unless you ask us not to – full Terms & Conditions here)

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  1. Why ? Does anyone know what they will use this info for ??