The Eurythmics 1984 album to get a red vinyl release on UK Record Store Day on April 21st

The Eurythmics 1984 album to get a red vinyl release on UK Record Store Day on April 21st

After leaking on the list last week it has now been confirmed that Eurythmics 1984 album will also be reissued this year, although not remasted, the release will be made available on red vinyl.

This mostly instrumental sountrack to the British film adapatation of George Orwell’s renowned dystopian novel (also released in 1984) is one of the Eurythmics’ most experimental works. Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart’s diverse electronic stylings accentuate teh dark mood of the film, and “Sexcrime (1984)” became the duo’s sixth consecutive UK Top10 hit.

Side A 1. I Did It Just The Same 2. Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) 3. For The Love Of Big Brother 4. Winston’s Diary 5. Greetings From A Dead Man
Side B 1. Julia 2. Doubleplusgood 3. Ministry Of Love 4. Room 101

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  1. We just need Touch Dance on coloured vinyl next!

  2. Mark it’s showing as available on the website so it may be available in the US. You’ll need to put your area details to find your nearest participating store. If you scroll down towards the bottom of this list it shows that 2000 copies are being released.

  3. I just found a store near me that I also didn’t know existed!

  4. So … let’s take this a bit further, shall we? This could mean there’s a chance for a remastered CD at some point?

  5. Only if they have the master tapes. This sounds like it’s a repressing.

  6. Steve Gayler, well let’s hope that interest in the vinyl release might lead to something more!

  7. Kinda bizarre. I don’t think they own the masters but it could have reverted to them.

  8. SOny Music and UMC have the rights over the Virgin Music catalogue now by the looks of things.