“Feminism is fine, it’s a good thing” – Annie Lennox’s message ahead of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018

As Hollywood declares ‘Time’s Up’, female leaders from around the world are adding their voices to calls for bolder steps towards inclusion, to create a shared future for all. The following messages have been filmed to coincide with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018, to encourage all women to ensure their voices are heard.

Watch Annie Lennox in both of the videos below, and follow the link to The Financial Times to read more about Womens Voices.

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  1. I like that Annie is standing up for women to be respected but in a way all these celebs doing this political stuff gets annoying. I don’t know I guess I look at them for entertainment. But anyway.

  2. But then they have the ear of far more people and can make a difference. I’d rather listen to Annie than most politicians any day!