Eurythmics finished 7th place in the public vote for the 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Eurythmics finished 7th place in the public vote for the 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Eurythmics came 7th in the public vote for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2018.

Their vote count was 451997 which equates to just under 7% of the total vote.  Bon Jovi and Moody Blues were by far the run away winners.  They along with Dire Straits, The Cars and Judas Priest will all receive 1 vote towards the final tally which is voted for by 899 members of the music industry.  Eurythmics at No. 7 still represents the first artist or band in the list with a female member.

The results of who has made the final 5 for the 2018 inductees will be broadcast live on SiriusXM Volume 106 at 7.00am ET on the 13th December.

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  1. So, what happens now??

  2. The other 899 judges make their votes and they announce the Top 5 on December 13th, all the details are in the link!!!

  3. D&A’s 7th position is still the first act to have a female member, could be embarrasing to the music industry if not a single female artists is recognised.

  4. And it’s more than 100,000 votes above J. Geils Band, which finished in 8th place.

  5. Being recognised by peers is fine and dandy and all, but do the Eurythmics really need this validation? They were great before this and they will be great forever after. I don’t think fans should be saddened by this as there are a ton of artists who are not in the HOF for whatever reason who deserve the accolade like Iron Maiden, Kate Bush, Nina Simone (all who have been nominated but not inducted AFAIK). I say fuck the Hall of Fame. Who needs ’em?

  6. Mark Stevens, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining, I just don’t think the vinyl reissues — including an album with altered song order (if I were them I’d never reissue it if I had to do this) — are that meaningful for an 80s band that to this day doesn’t even have its complete catalog reissued in digital format. I also don’t see why their presence at the Hall of Fame adds to their importance in the history of music, and that’s why I’d rather prefer Nina Simone to win. But of course I’m happy that they resurfaced because of that.

  7. It was actually Graham Nash…