Read our interview with Dave Stewart about the anniversary of Savage

5 years ago we ran a SaVAGE 25 feature.  It doesn’t seem possible that we are now at the 30th anniversary of the release of Savage.

As part of the feature I was able to interview Dave Stewart about Savage, I enjoyed reading it back this morning and hope you do to.

Read the interview here

SAvage 25 Dave Stewart Interview Logo

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  1. Never read it. Thank you so much, your continued work on the Eurythmics cause is just amazing.

  2. Thanks Jorge. It’s good timing as we’re just upgrading a awhole load of the website which is why we’ve been a bit out of touch posting news stories recently.

  3. You Interviewed Dave Stewart?????/!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!

  4. We have done many times via the website Denis, hopegfully we’ll be making everythign a lot easier to find on the website in the near future.

  5. Steve Gayler Can`t find interview, link doesn`t leed to anything really

  6. Denis Desmond Its working, click the link above to get to our news post on the website and the link is there for the interview.

  7. Steve Gayler No not there; thers links there alright to other Eurythmics related stuff but not this interview.

  8. Steve, thank you so much for this interesting interview. SAVAGE and REVENGE are my favorite Eurythmics albums of all time

  9. Good interview, Steve, and the one with Emma, too.

  10. Thanks Mark. that means a lot coming from a journalist!

  11. Thanks I enjoyed reading the interview!

  12. And from one who has also interviewed Dave! He’s a great interview, but I think he appreciates being able to answer questions from people who don’t just ask the same standard questions.

  13. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since then, Steve. I wrote something for Savage Retrospective, as I recall.

  14. You did. I’ll be posting a few again next week.

  15. I’ve got the same problem with no link to the interview when I click the link to the website. Maybe it’s a Safari thing. Will try Firefox.

  16. When you click you should see the full text as per the screen grab. When you click Here does it not show

  17. Thanks Steve Gayler. Wonderful.