ITV broadcast the Eurythmics first TV interview together for 10 years this morning on the Lorraine Show. Ross King who is based in LA recently interviewed Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox in a studio where they discussed many things, including the release of their back catalogue of studio albums from RCA on vinyl.

Among the subjects talked about was the nomination for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Dave and Annie find it quite overwhelming that they have been nominated alongside so many artists that have achieved so much in their own genre.

They spoke a bit about their early recording which Dave saying how they blocked out everything to do with pop music and created a bubble of their own sound.  The moments that led to Sweet Dreams being recorded were so experiential, people didnt seriosuly believe they were actually making a record.

Annie was also asked about the vinyl reissues which she said was really nice that the albums are getting a reissue on vinyl and she thinks it is a sign of people wanting that tactile thing to hold and touch again.

For now you can watch the video here if you are in the UK, the interview starts at 27.30


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