Thank you to everyone who has sent comments about this years Magazine Archive project, and the additional submissions we have already been sent.  As with the discography, I doubt this will ever be finished, but with the additions that fans make, it will be as complete as possible.

We only had 5 publications for 1979 in total, and they are now all posted, so as of today we move onto 1980, however, as we reach the end of each year, we will publish an archive page for that year, so here is a link for 1979 –

Feel free to drop us a line if you have your own archives or collections particularly from Europe, Australia, South America to

The Tourists - Smash Hits - 20/09/1979 - UK The Tourists - Smash Hits - 15/11/1979 - UK The Tourists - Smash Hits - 29/11/1979 - UK The Tourists - Smash Hits - 13/12/1979 - UK The Tourists - Smash Hits - 27/12/1979 - UK