The costumiers, Angels in London have just opened an exhibition in London called Dressed By Angels where you can view a hundred of the more famous costumes they have provided to film and theatre. It is also where Annie Lennox got her head dress from for the cover of Diva.

The Mail On Sunday featured these photo’s today, along with some interesting history on the head dress.
Annie Lennox - Dressed By Angels

Sweet dreams are made of… ostrich: The flamboyant headdress may be best known for crowning Annie Lennox’s head on the cover of her 1992 Diva album, but it had previously been used by James Bond’s team. Originally donned by one of the circus girls who appeared with Roger Moore, above, in the 1983 film Octopussy, it’s constructed out of heavily beaded canvas, topped by ostrich feathers. Lennox stumbled across the accessory while rooting for something to wear on the iconic cover shoot by Annie Leibovitz

You can visit the exhibition website here
For anyone interested in the company, they are also publishing a book tomorrow called Behind The Seams, more details can be found here