Grammy and Golden Globe winning artist/producer Dave Stewart has just formed the new duo Stewart Lindsey and is inviting graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world to design the official front cover artwork for their debut collaborative album titled Spitballin’.

The word can be defined as “to toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming to pass, to brainstorm.” Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from this as well as the band’s sound and persona. To get started, watch the YouTube videos and read the album artwork specifications below.

One Selected Artist will receive $2,500 and have their design used as the album’s official front cover artwork.
Dave Stewart’s new personal project partners Stewart with a one-of-a-kind young male singer from Louisiana, Thomas Lindsey. The album was recorded between Los Angeles and Louisiana, completely isolated from one another, never recording together in the same room–or state–by using the power of the internet to collaborate on the project. Lindsey says the songs “have so many different influences and sounds, it’s an eclectic mix of everything.” With a woven soundscape of Gospel, Blues, Country and Rock, Stewart says Lindsey is “one of the freshest new vocal discoveries in the last twenty years.”

The album artwork
Here are some tips and requirements to help you create your album artwork:

You may use the Digipak specifications provided in PDF or InDesign to create your design, but it is not required
You may only submit one front cover design, but may include supplemental artwork for the back and tray, if desired
Submitted designs must not include any text (the band’s name, the album title, etc.)
The career opportunity
One artist, as selected by Stewart Lindsey and the panel of judges, will:

Have their work used as the official album artwork for Stewart Lindsey’s forthcoming album Spitballin’
Receive exposure for their work across Dave Stewart’s media channels
Receive $2,500

Details can all be found here