Well it would seem this year that both Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox are feeling a little Nostalgic.  Dave Stewart has been in Jamaica writing his memoirs that should see a 2015 release.  Annie Lennox of course has been promoting her new album Nostalgia and on Christmas Day reaches her 60th birthday, no doubt a time for reflection, and wondering how the time has passed so quickly.

The last 2 months has seen the 25th Anniversary of Eurythmics album We Too Are One, the 30th anniversary of the soundtrack for 1984, and for many of us, its the 15th Anniversary of the Peacetour in the UK.

So with all that in mind, i’m pleased to bring you this years Ultimate Eurythmics Advent Calendar, it’s going to be a very nostalgic journey as each day a different fan shares with us a few of their memories, their special moments, items from their collections, the odd video, some personal stories and more.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, there’s still a few gaps that need filling so please drop me an email to steve@eurythmics-ultimate.com

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