Urban Soul Orchestra - Annie Lennox

Urban Soul Orchestra provided an 8 piece string section for a performance of I Put A Spell On You for the Strictly Come Dancing week 6 results show in November 2014.

Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) is a contemporary and versatile string ensemble with a unique twist, incorporating percussion, bass, DJ and vocals.

USO has worked for 20 years at the top of the UK music industry, specialising in recording sessions for top artists, major corporate events and exclusive private parties.

Violinist, conductor, orchestrator and arranger Stephen Hussey founded the Urban Soul Orchestra, arranging and recording strings for pop artists. Oasis invited USO to perform at their second album launch for (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

USO was then asked to do the same for Mariah Carey’s Christmas party. Since then USO have been delighting audiences at exclusive events both in the UK and internationally.

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