Annie Lennox and Norma Koning It doesn’t seem possible that it was a year ago that I was bringing you the news that Norma Koning had sadly passed away.

Norma was a great friend to so many people, and I miss her dearly.

I am particularly sad at the moment as I know that Nostalgia would have been an album that Norma would have loved, and I have missed not speculating with her, or sharing comments over a video or making sure we didn’t bid against each other on e-bay for a promo CD.

Many of you know that Cold was Norma’s favourite song, so in memory of Norma, here is Annie Lennox performing Cold at St. Lukes in London for the BBC.

Norma, I and several other peeps were at this recording, and Norma makes a couple of brief appearances in this recording.

Rest in Peace. I miss you dear friend. x