Annie Lennox is performing LIVE on Good Morning America on Wednesday, October 22nd! Sign up for a chance to be a VIP in the live audience for this amazing performance! Good Morning America will be accepting a limited number of VIPS for this event.

Arrival:Please arrive by 6:30am to the Times Square Studio at 1500 Broadway. Please arrive outside of the side stage door entrance on 44th Street and wait for the audience coordinator to scan you in.

TICKETS:Tickets are required to attend this special performance. We will be accepting a limited amount of VIP audience members for this performance.

DRESS:Please dress sharp, you will be on camera inside the studio.

AGE: You must be at least 16 years of age to attend this event.

SECURITY: Everyone must pass through a security check, including a metal detector, before being granted access to the GMA Studio in Times Square. To expedite the process (and save time for everyone) please leave all over-sized bags and purses in your vehicle or at home.  We will not be able to check any items.

Good Luck Peeps!

Annie Lennox - Good Morning America