Two new interviews for you this morning aired in the US yesterday.  A whole load of lucky peeps also got to meet Annie at Amoeba records too.  More on that later!

For now here the interview with KTLA5 here and with Entertainment Tonight below or here

Annie was asked about the future of Eurythmics, here’s what she said!

“For the time being, I think we’re doing just fine as we’re doing,” said Annie.

The two went their separate ways in the ’90s, but came together in 1999 for their Peace album.

“We’ve been apart for a very long time, and I know a lot of people would like the Eurythmics to reform, but we’re both very autonomous,” Annie added. “We both have our own likes and our own tastes. There was a time when we were in each other’s pockets for a whole decade, and that’s very intense. I think at the end of that decade when we came out of it, we both sort of realized that we both had to take a separate journey. We never said that we’re separate or broken up, because we just never know.”