Annie Lennox joins Janice Forsyth for a special one to one interview to talk about her first jazz album, Nostalgia, her career, pop music and more.

Janice starts the show with the Tourists track So Good To Be Back home again.  The interview starts at 04:40.

One of the more intelligent Annie talks about Nostalgia, the album, but also refers to understanding how her own career is part of others Nostalgia.  Annie is asked about her voice, and how it has changed, the quality, and how she uses and projects her voice.  She also said how she found a new capacity in her voice she didn’t know she had and has really enjoyed exploring that aspect. Annie also says that most of the songs were not really known to her before she started the album.

You can listen again to the interview here

Annie Lennox - Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth