Annie Lennox and Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2

Annie Lennox appeared earlier today on Ken Bruce’s BBC Radio 2 show where she gave an interview about her forthcoming album Nostalgia, and the Screamin J Hawkins track “I Put A Spell On You” had it’s official worldwide radio premier.

The reaction on twitter was all positive, here’s just a few of the tweets:

@MysteryMartianX  Annie Lennox is a Legend! Class act, really looking forward to hearing her new stuff!

?@HopBarn think I’m going to love Annie Lennox new jazz cd Nostalgia @bbcradio2

@Annies_Teashop #Annie Annie Lennox strong independent and talented

?@ripley_s Listening to @BBCRadio2 with @AnnieLennox #goodtimes #morning

?@beyondbehaviour @BBCRadio2 @AnnieLennox – version of ‘Put A Spell On You’ – stopped me in my tracks. Stunning. Now back to my work 🙂

?@enchanted_anna Annie Lennox has an amazing voice! When she sings, when she talks… it’s pure magic! @bbcradio2

@Fiona_Konca @AnnieLennox Best cover yet. #IPutASpellOnYou

?@CarltonDkennedy @AnnieLennox fantastic version of #IputAspellonyou well done annie, lots of love and happiness xxx

@ComplainingCow Listening to Annie Lennox on @bbcradio2 could listen to her voice for hours, beautiful speaking and singing

@JasonReidUK Annie Lennox is being interviewed on the wireless. I love her! She seems to just emit loveliness everywhere she goes