R. E. V. I. V. A. L. – It’s gonna lift you right up from your prison cell.

A record you either love or hate but as always Eurythmics were determined to release another record that didn’t conform to what was expected.  Personally I enjoy the song, and always have, but I know others really struggle with it.

It was of course the debut single from We Too Are One released a few weeks after the single. The recording was written by Dave and Annie as well as regular keyboardist Pat Seymour as well as vocalist Charlie Wilson (of The Gap Band) who also sang backing vocals for the track.

“Revival” is an uptempo tune which lyrically is a call for renewal and encouragement. The single reached number 26 in the UK, but peaked higher in Sweden at No. 7 and Switzerland at No. 8

Eurythmics Revival Banner
Eurythmics - Revival - UK - 12 Gatefold - DAT18-04