EUREVENGEUKCD1Revenge is the sixth studio album released by Eurythmics in 1986.

Following on from their previous album, Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge continued further in the same direction as the duo embraced a more commercial “rock band” style.

The album included several hit singles (When Tomorrow Comes, Thorn In My Side, Missionary Man and The Miracle Of Love) and was a huge commercial success reaching No. 1 in many countries but could only reach No. 3 in the UK.

Its release was followed by an extensive world tour. A 1987 concert from the Australian leg of this tour was also released on home video (see Eurythmics Live).

On 14 November 2005, SonyBMG repackaged and released Eurythmics’ back catalog as “2005 Deluxe Edition Reissues.” Each of their eight studio albums’ original track listings were supplemented with bonus tracks and remixes.

The bonus track “Revenge 2” is a cover of the closing track of the duo’s 1981 debut album In the Garden; a brief citation of this track can also be heard at the end of “A Little of You”.

In 2011 we interviewed all of The Revenge Band for our 25th Anniversary Special, you can read them all here.  To view the collectors discography for Revenge click here.

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